First Pitbull Awareness Walk - May 23rd 2009

 About P.A.W.
The time has come to make the positive change! 

 We are a group of Pitbull owners and supporters who will make a positive statement for our beloved breed. We Love our dogs and we want people to understand why people say "Once you own a Pit, You'll never own anything else". We are devoted to raising awareness of these loyal and loving dogs and hope to give pitbulls a better name in the public’s eye.  We live in a Country that states "Liberty and Justice for All" and that is what we are seeking! 


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To become a member, Please send an email to Eric Meadows at allpro.construction@yahoo.com and we will add you to our member mailing list. We look forward to hearing from you!

248 Members as of 12/2/09 (New Goal-500 Members)
2 Completed Events as of 5/23/09

2 News Broadcast as of 5/23/09 
11 Number of dogs SAVED 12/2/09

Our Mission 
What's worth the prize, IS ALWAYS WORTH THE FIGHT!

We are here to educate and promote responsible ownership to make the much needed change, that these dogs deserve. Together as a group we will have regular events to show the public REAL PITBULLS (Smilin and Wagging Tails). Seeing is Believing, and this will allow the uneducated public (People who have never seen or met a Pit) to see that these dogs are not monsters or people eaters. We will fight to overturn existing BSL and prevent future BSL from forming. Together we will make the change, that has to be made!

A Special Thank You from P.A.W.

Brad’s  Mobile  Pet  Photography - Brad Orsted
Who came out and shoot the first event for P.A.W. at no cost. If there is anyone out there looking to get some pictures taken of there pet, contact Brad's Mobile Pet Photography at the link below and you will not be disappointed. Thank You for all that you have done Brad!

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue - K.A.R.
Who has and will help promote what we are doing as P.A.W. (I can say that I'm a Proud owner of a K.A.R. rescue dog "Diesel"). If there is anyone looking to add another companion in your home, please contact K.A.R. at the link below. Every dog they adopt out will be another one saved from being put down.